Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

This week many homerooms were out enjoying the warm weather.  Green-up has only just begun but the sounds of spring are in full force.  As the weather continues to improve, we will be spending more and more time outdoors.  Lab Tech will start working in the garden when we have finished constructing our Rube Goldberg machines.

Science classes are in the midst of a big summative project about using different kinds of energy (kinetic, electrical, nuclear, chemical, and thermal).  This will be due Tuesday (3/20 )of next week with only a quick check in on Monday so much of the final polish work should be done at home over the weekend.

Speaking of work to do over the weekend, here is homework week 4

Here is the link to BrainPop's Kinetic Energy

Finally, here is the quiz for BrainPop so you don't have to do all that writing.

Before next Friday, let me know the first official day of Spring for an added table point!

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