Thursday, April 14, 2011

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Howdy Ranch Hands!
So this week we are all about all the different forms of energy waves. In the past we have become experts in energy and spent all last week learning about waves and how they carry energy. Now we will delve into all the forms of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes light, but infra red (heat) ultra violet (not just a comic book character!), X Rays, Microwaves, Gamma rays and the list goes on and on.

Here is your link to all BrainPop videos that we have access to.

If you are looking for the homework to download, it is on the blog down by March 12.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Minor mistake with the Week 6 homework. I forgot to direct you to a specific BrainPop. No matter you can pick you own this week. Click on the menu of Brain Pop movies. Choose from dozens of free BrainPops. You may review a Brain Pop you have already seen (which may sound easy but is in fact fairly boring because you have already seen the video and done the work) or you may choose to pick one that you have never seen before that speaks to you (saying "Pick Me! Pick Me!") Don't for get to let me know which Brain Pop you are doing and of course, write down the 10 questions and the 10 answers (and Not 1 = C and 2 = B... I don't remember what B is, but I can recognize a correct answer when placed next to the appropriate question!)

This week we will finish up with heat and begin our study of waves. We will start by learning about sound waves and what makes them. The homework week 6 is a big part of that. You can get some good sound experiments at this website. And here is a great science news article about sound bullets (no kidding!). I still think making a tin can phone and trying different strings (or cans) would make a great experiment. Good luck!