Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ahh the joys of doing homework during springtime!

     Here is a bunch of stuff for your homework...

Quarter 3 Week 1

Quarter 3 Week 2 ... again

Quarter 3 Week 3

BrainPop Week 1

BrainPop Week 2

BrainPop Week 3

And Now... SPRING! Whoo Hoo!  For those who are bummed that your friends in other schools are on break right now, just think of May.  All May (OK, 3 weeks in May) you are off having fun but only in warmer weather and more sunlight!  And for those who were inconvenienced by any delay in this posting, Tell me who should "beware the ides of March" by this Thursday (the 15th), and I will give you a table point.


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