Monday, June 11, 2012

Holy Homework Batman! --Robin

Howdy folks!
     Because Crosswinds is a year round school, summertime is often a sea of conflict between academic obligations and longstanding traditions such as family reunions, camps, vacations, etc.  I encourage you to take these trips, see Grandma, go to the lake, earn a few merit badges.  Those memories will outlast anything I can come up with in my class.

That said, you still have to make up the work you missed.  The easiest way to pull that off is to be PRO-active, which is fancy talk for "work to fix the problem BEFORE you actually have the problem."  I know, you are probably thinking, "what kind of witch-craft is this?"  But I am serious, (and don't call me Shirley) here is homework in advance so that you can get it done before you take your trip, it will be one less thing to do when you get back all itchy from poison ivy, mosquitoes, and a rash you don't want to explain to your parents.

Homework Week 3
Brain Pop 
BrainPop Quiz

Homework Week 4
BrainPop Quiz

Homework Week 5
BrainPop quiz

Homework Week 6
BrainPop Quiz

Homework Week 7
BrainPop Quiz

Phew... that should keep you busy for a bit.  Feel free to get homework done for the rest of the month before its due so you can sit back and say, "I am almost done with all my science homework for the rest of the year!"


Friday, June 1, 2012

Quarter 4 Homework and More!

Hello everybody!
     This week's homework is ready to tackle with some sticky egg experiments and test our force out on an innocent sheet of newspaper.

Here is homework week 2
And now the BrainPop
And the BrainPop Quiz on Newton's Laws

     In class we are studying Newton's laws of motion in order to build up to our first project involving HotWheels cars and 50 feet of track!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Have a happy May break!

But just because we are on break, it doesn't mean that there is no work to do.  Here is a copy of the homework due next quarter.  I don't have the back scanned in just yet but that should be up in a few days.  In the mean time, this will get you started.

Here is the link to BrainPop Plant Growth

Also, the Quiz for BrainPop Plant Growth

Don't forget to plant early so you have something to draw for each of the 3 weeks of break.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 8 already!

Wow this quarter is flying by.

We are deep into our study of waves and how they move energy.  To help students learn this, here is some of the notes from class.  This week we will apply this understanding with a wide variety of activities.

Homework for week 8 is here.

BrainPop on Waves

BrainPop quiz on waves

Questions, please let me know before the quarter ends!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Howdy everybody!
     We have been studying heat and how it moves by conduction, convection and radiation.  Now it is time for students answer the question, "Which type of heat (conduction, convection, radiation) transmits heat the best?"  Students used a heat pack and 3 thermometers and set it up to measure the heat convecting in the air, conducting through the material and radiating away from the hot pack.  Instructions to write up a formal lab are in the student science notebooks which students may choose to take home with them this weekend to assist them finishing the work we began this week.

Here are the notes today that may help students write up their lab report.

Here is the homework week 7

Here is the link to the brain pop on Metamorphasis

Here is a link to the quiz on Metamorphasis

If students are not finished by Monday, don't panic, they can come in during lunch and write some more.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conferences are upon us!

Ahh Spring time means conferences... it also means gardening but that is not a topic I want to get into after an afternoon of clearing and planning.

So remember, School Monday and Tuesday, conferences Wednesday and Thursday, and take Friday off as well.

Homework Week 6

BrainPop on Electrical  Energy

BrainPop Quiz

Please check the mailing we sent home regarding the conference schedule.  If you have any questions, or need to change the time or date, please feel free to contact the homeroom teacher.  If that homeroom teacher is me, I can be reached at or (651) 379-2653.

This week we are studying convection currents and next week will be all about how heat radiates out from things with more heat to things with less heat.  This unit will be assessed by a format lab for students to demonstrate how well they understand the content but also how well they can apply the scientific method.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bring on the HEAT!

Our Energy unit is now complete!  I really enjoyed seeing all the great Rube Goldberg designs that students created.  The idea was to have students show their understanding of how energy changes form.  Their objective was to use different kinds of energy to send me flying into a huge water tank.  I am impressed with creative, inventive and clever ways students used kinetic, nuclear, thermal, electrical, and chemical energy in their design.

Now we dive into thermodynamics!  the homework is all about heat this week.  Please take extra care if you choose candle making from crayons, make sure your have your parent around for that one.

Speaking of homework here it is:   Homework week 5

here is a link to the BrainPop Global Warming

and here is the Global Warming quiz

Enjoy the warm weather, next week we will use conduction, convection and radiation to transfer energy!