Friday, March 18, 2011

Energy Project

Good afternoon everyone!
We are starting a big project today and it looks a little like this.

Students will design a Rube Goldberg type device that will use the different types of energy to accomplish a goal. This is Due Friday March 25th. This is worth 60 points and is the biggest thing we have attempted this quarter.

We will start the work on Friday by going over the guidelines and expectations and having students brainstorm types of energy and ways to connect them together. Monday they will have some time to try to develop a draft of their design but the finishing touches will be done at home. The rest of class time will be devoted to viewing professional Rube Goldberg devices and creating a few small scale devices of their own.

If time is a factor on you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Monday, March 14, 2011

Rube Goldberg RULES!!!!

Howdy cats and kittens! I was online doing science "research" (code for I was playing games that I thought I could use in class) and found this little gem. A virtual, online Rube Goldberg machine that has 13 steps and needs YOU to fix it! Click on this link to play: Cool Rube Goldberg machine challenge puzzle. As proof of just how cool you are, take a screen shot or write down what words are in the window when you successfully complete the machine and staple it to your homework for a FREE SQUARE... you still have to do 3 in a row but add this and it will be the same as if you did 3 in a row PLUS another square... extra credit here you come!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

For science the week of March 14th through 18th

For science this week, we will continue exploring a little deeper the types of energy introduced in class last week (electric, kinetic, nuclear, thermal, and chemical). We already spent time diving into kinetic energy and we won't spend a whole lot of time on nuclear energy (unless that shipment of enriched Uranium comes in). So that leaves chemical, electric and thermal energy. The ultimate goal is for students to create a design of a Rube Goldberg device which will incorporate each form of energy and pass it along. Thankfully, this device will not need to be built (I wish we could, but it would take the rest of the quarter)

Insights for this week's homework... (Week 3)

A whole list of energy articles to check out

Some energy slang words and where they came from.

Some energy puzzles do them for fun and show off what you know!

Just awful energy riddles I love them... you may not.

Some energy experiments that may give you some hot ideas.

I hope that helps give you a sea of ideas to use in science this week. Good Luck!

Friday, March 11, 2011

New homework website!

Students will be using a different website for some science homework activities in the weeks to come.


This link will take you there. It is up to you to experiment with healthy breakfasts and energy drinks.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holy Homework Batman!!!

Rejoice! the entire 3rd quarter lineup of weekly homework assignments are right here at your fingertips! No more waiting for a week to get your next exciting installment of what your cranium yearns for.

Homework week 2

Homework week 3

Homework week 4

Homework week 5

Homework week 6

Homework week 7

Homework week 8

Homework week 9

Homework week 10

Behold the magical link to BrainPop

Here is the link to the index of BrainPops that we use in science class. From here you can choose the topic needed.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 1 Energy in all its forms

This week's science is all about ENERGY and all the forms that energy can take. One key concept (one that is sure to show up on a test) is that Energy can't be created or destroyed, it can just change form.

The forms of energy that we are studying this week are:

Nuclear (think nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs)
Electrical (wires and lightning)
Kinetic (energy of motion, like when you get hit in the nose by a Frisbee)
Chemical (gasoline in a car to an energy drink)
Thermal (heat)

Some homework suggestions...
Here is an interesting article about energy drinks
Here is another about burning energy while you sleep

Here is possible demo called the electric wand remember to ask a testable question like, "Does a longer wand work better?"

Good luck and remember, any questions... please email me at