Friday, March 23, 2012

Bring on the HEAT!

Our Energy unit is now complete!  I really enjoyed seeing all the great Rube Goldberg designs that students created.  The idea was to have students show their understanding of how energy changes form.  Their objective was to use different kinds of energy to send me flying into a huge water tank.  I am impressed with creative, inventive and clever ways students used kinetic, nuclear, thermal, electrical, and chemical energy in their design.

Now we dive into thermodynamics!  the homework is all about heat this week.  Please take extra care if you choose candle making from crayons, make sure your have your parent around for that one.

Speaking of homework here it is:   Homework week 5

here is a link to the BrainPop Global Warming

and here is the Global Warming quiz

Enjoy the warm weather, next week we will use conduction, convection and radiation to transfer energy!

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