Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Got Homework?

Howdy folks!
     Today was the last day of our Intro to Crosswinds program.  When we toured the grounds outside our school, saw horses (some saw turkeys), visited the park, played THICKETT!!! and fought our way through thistles and a downed tree that tried to block our path!  It wasn't all adventuring and games however, we created "Me Shields," processed the book "The Giving Tree" and prepared the all important planners for the rest of the year.  At the end of the day we had a little time left to set our goals for the quarter.  All in all it was a busy day.  I love to watch the growth the first few days of school.  They come in, not knowing any of the procedures here and they learn so much in just the first 48 hours.  The buses are working themselves out bit by bit, and should be smooth by week's end.

     Many students have been asking (almost pestering) me about homework.  Who am I to turn down all this enthusiasm?  On Thursday, I will ask students to check out this blog and answer the riddle posted there well here it is......

The Riddle:

You throw away the outside and cook the inside.  Then you eat the outside and trow away the inside.

What is it?

Hint... there are several correct answers.  Be prepared to justify your answer.

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