Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Final Exam support materials...


For those still polishing up their final exams... here are the reference materials we used in class...

Herman Hollerith and even More Herman Hollerith

The science related article about the Physics of Wet Dogs

The link for BrainPop (but you will need an account)

Here is the Room at the Inn puzzle

Here is Logic Puzzle 55

That is everything you need. Now here is the important part... there is no official "science class" tomorrow so if you forget to turn it in because of the exciting and distracting Olympics, and Goodbye ceremonies, I will have noting to grade and have to put an INC for your grade which means incomplete and there is nothing worse than being a 7th grader who still has to do homework to finish up 6th grade... well there are plenty worse things than that but trust me that is more annoying than a paper cut on your tongue.

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