Sunday, March 13, 2011

For science the week of March 14th through 18th

For science this week, we will continue exploring a little deeper the types of energy introduced in class last week (electric, kinetic, nuclear, thermal, and chemical). We already spent time diving into kinetic energy and we won't spend a whole lot of time on nuclear energy (unless that shipment of enriched Uranium comes in). So that leaves chemical, electric and thermal energy. The ultimate goal is for students to create a design of a Rube Goldberg device which will incorporate each form of energy and pass it along. Thankfully, this device will not need to be built (I wish we could, but it would take the rest of the quarter)

Insights for this week's homework... (Week 3)

A whole list of energy articles to check out

Some energy slang words and where they came from.

Some energy puzzles do them for fun and show off what you know!

Just awful energy riddles I love them... you may not.

Some energy experiments that may give you some hot ideas.

I hope that helps give you a sea of ideas to use in science this week. Good Luck!

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