Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homework... and more!

Hi there everybody!
First the homework, just in case you forgot it Thursday and Friday when I said repeatedly, "Does anyone NOT have their homework???" Homework tic tac toe week 4 It is a little difficult to put all on one page but at least you can read it all. If you want to see what the back page looks like, here ya go!

Here is the link to the Brain-Pop on "Scientific Methods." It beats typing in

Now, the aforementioned "More" from above. Students complete a tic-tac-toe homework by choosing 3 in a row of 9 possible activities for the week. Some activities repeat but most are unique tasks that will not be asked for the rest of the year. I want students to be exposed to every task even if they did not choose to complete it for homework. To that end, I have students work together in groups to create a "mini-poster" summarizing the task, strategy students took to solve the task and the solution at which students arrived. (And to do it all in about 12 minutes!) Students present their poster to the class and there is a short Q and A which follows giving students time to defend their ideas and explain their understanding further. It is a process which develops with students throughout the year and here are just a few samples from 2 classes.

MAP testing is Monday and Tuesday so we shall have and alternative schedule for those days while that happens. We start back up on our "normal" schedule on Wednesday and remember, the Tic-Tac-Toe is due on Thursday.

Mark Russo

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